What’s Wrong With Being Green With Envy?

If blue is my all-time favorite color, then green is a close second. I love them both in different ways. The different shades of blue can be everything from pale and serene to dark and sleek. While green can also be serene, the perfect bright shade brings a freshness and energy to a space. And, it’s not surprising that green is one of the easiest colors on your eyes, given that it is so prevalent in nature. When creating my textiles collection, shades of green were an absolute necessity! This week we’re all about wearing our envy of all things green with pride.

Let’s start with the most serene green. A pale shade of green, with a hint of blue, can create a relaxing space that immediately puts you at ease.

One of my favorite shades of pale green is Benjamin Moore’s Thornton Sage. It reminds me of hydrangeas in the summer. Or, in a wallpaper, I love this design by Kelly Wearstler. Want to add a little soft green to your space?

Green is always a great choice for kitchens. Remember that green is everywhere you look in nature? Just think of all of those green leafy vegetables, bright green Granny Smith apples, and grilled zucchini in the summertime — need I say more? A green kitchen is a room you want to spend time in and prepare a fabulous meal!

A bright, crisp green goes a long way in a kitchen.

Similar to kitchens, green is a fabulous color for dining rooms, whether it’s as an accent color, like in the rooms below, or as the dominant color.

If you want to make a bold statement, why not incorporate a predominantly green wallpaper in your dining room? Or, take your favorite fabric and paperback it, as we did with the Penny Morrison beauty in the dining room on the left. Any of these would be sure to bring energy to your next dinner party!

When designing the Marika Meyer Textiles collection, green was always a key part of the equation. One, I love the color, but it is also a go-to when scheming for every room in the house! From pale, soft shades to bright summery hues, green can always figure into the plan.

Sometimes the sharper shades of green are the perfect complement to other color schemes. I love pairing a bright chartreuse with pink or blue. A touch of olive green on the window cornice in the room on the upper right was the perfect trim in an otherwise earthy color scheme.

Here are a few of my favorite finds this week. So much green to love!