How to Style Your Hearth for the Season

‘Tis the season for cozy fires and evenings at home. The fireplace is often positioned as a focal point in any room, which makes it a prominent design element. But, if everyone is going to be gathered around staring at the fireplace, how do you style it for the season?

Similar to styling bookcases or any surface in your home, the key is to begin by looking around your space. Is it casual or formal? Dark and moody, or light and airy? The accessories for your fireplace mantel should reflect the rest of the space. In this family room, the stone fireplace surround already provided color, so we kept the items on the mantel neutral. We grouped objects made of mercury glass and other metallics.

Metallics, candles and hurricane lamps are often a go to on the fireplace mantel. Anything that reflects light or adds to the glow is a good idea.

When you have a fabulous piece of art, like the Wolf Kahn over this mantel, it speaks for itself. What more do you need than this beautiful landscape? A simple, extra tall taper candle fits the bill as a minimal, elegant accent.

Ginger jars are always a favorite. There is such a variety of them available that you can easily find something in a neutral or a bold color. In this elegant living room, we chose these white lattice ginger jars to pick up on the bright white that pops on the accent chairs.

Mirrors are always a popular choice to hang over the fireplace mantel. But, this is not a mirror that will be used for your own reflection. Once again, it is all about reflecting the light and ambiance of a fire. I love a mirror with a beautiful decorative frame like the one pictured here.

When in doubt, choose items that you love and display them proudly. Your home is a reflection of you and there’s nothing better than collected objects that bring wonderful memories. We loved pulling together the eclectic mix on this fireplace mantel.

Here are some of my favorite finds for your fireplace, and all things cozy for fall!