Spring Dreams

With March upon us, we can’t help but dream of spring break getaways, flowers beginning to bloom and that crisp green of new leaves. Right now it all still feels way too much like a dream! So, what to do? We’ll discuss how to bring some of that green indoors, in all the typical ways, and the not so typical ways.

Bring the outside in with house plants. I read recently that “plant ladies” are the new “cat ladies” - if that means having loads of plants to chase the frigid temperatures away, then count me in! In the room on the left, we incorporated a large plant in a Versaille planter. Using a planter like this is a great way to work with larger plants that can live outside in the warmer months, but need to move inside when the temperature drops. And, the planter is so beautiful, it works either way!

Here are some of my favorite planters that can easily transition with the season.

Sometimes finding the right place to display all of your green can be a challenge. I love the idea of using a bar cart as a two tier table for plants. You can find lots of options with surfaces that can handle a little spill of water. They are designed to hold bottles of liquor - and a few inevitable spills here and there! You can load the top shelf with plants and consider using the bottom shelf as a place to store a beautiful watering can and mister.

Want to recreate this in your home? Here are some great bar carts and accessories to consider.

Cut flowers are always a great way to bring a bit of nature inside. With the stores brimming with tulips, daffodils and hydrangeas, there are plenty of beautiful flowers to choose from! A vase is always a great vessel for displaying your flowers, but why not get creative and use some not so traditional containers? I love to use a large ginger jar to create a stunning display with some height. Pitchers and creamers are fabulous for a a little more rustic arrangements in your kitchen. And, why not create a small, precious grouping of delicate flowers in your favorite silver pieces? They are great for a bedside table.

And, lastly, I hope you will enjoy exploring some of my finds for your home and wardrobe as the spring weather approaches.