Help! My Kids Are Growing Up Too Fast

Farm animals are adorable. And, a safari is a lot of fun. But, when it comes to your kid’s bedroom, it can often be hard to embrace a theme and not have to redecorate every few years. Kids grow up so fast and before you know it they are expressing their own opinions about everything under the sun! So, how do you address the decor in your kid’s room without breaking the bank every two or three years? The key is to avoid the kid’s furniture and look for classic adult items that will age well. This sophisticated girls bedroom could last through the college years! But, the shocks of pink and the canopy bed made for one very happy little girl.

Let’s start with the nursery. This is the easiest time to get carried away with baby-themed decor! It’s so exciting, there’s a baby on the way. And, at the time, the baby phase can feel like it lasts forever, all of those sleepless nights where you feel like a zombie! But, in reality, you are very quickly going to be transitioning to toddler, then little kid, then big kid. In this nursery, we chose a largely neutral scheme with yellow accents. It’s soft and serene. But, as they grow up, that yellow can get bolder and the roman shades will still work.

These are two of my favorite girls’ rooms. We were not afraid to boldly embrace lavender and pink, but still, they do not feel too juvenile. We incorporated custom millwork in the room on the left, a functional element that will last for years to come. The teddy bears may be replaced with photos of friends, or perhaps some trophies, but that millwork will still be the same. Similarly, on the right, while we went big on pink, both the wallpaper and roman shades are sophisticated patterns. Even the fabulous accent chair, which has an animal or two, will last because of the bold pattern. You could just as easily see it in the room of a 3 year old or a 13-year old. We love these fabulous accent chairs.

Guest rooms can sometimes be tricky. They must welcome guests young and old alike! We chose a sophisticated toile wallpaper for this room, a versatile pattern that could just as easily work in other rooms in your house. Mixed with a patchwork quilt and gingham fabric, it conveys a traditional charm. By easily adding accessories, like that adorable dollhouse, this guest room can be a perfect fit for even your smallests guests.

Sticking with a relatively neutral backdrop can be a great strategy in a kids room. We chose a black and white city themed pattern for the walls in the room on the left, but accented it with a bold green. To easily update this room over the years, just swap out the bedding. On the right, we worked with a boy who was a bit older so we chose patterns reminiscent of menswear. We love the subtle blue stripe on the headboard and the fabric panels on the walls. You could easily see this room converted to a guest room with very little effort after the college years!

Here are some more of my favorite finds for kids! Do not miss the map of DC. It’s always a good idea to sneak something educational in there!