Blurred Lines, Fashion & Decor

I’m really excited about this week’s blog because we’re covering a topic I have been following for a while now — the blurred lines between fashion and interior design! You can often find common design trends popping up in both worlds, but sometimes the crossover is much more explicit. This may be a case where a fashion designer jumps into the world of interiors, a la Missoni. Or, a partnership between a wallpaper or textile designer and a fashion house, like the collaboration between H&M and UK based wallpaper designer, Anna Glover. There seems to be a growing list of these creative minds getting together to create something fabulous, and we absolutely love it!

As we make our way through New York Fashion Week and the latest designs hit the runway, the trends in interior design seem to be just as prevalent in fashion. In interiors, it’s all about layers of textures and patterns, and much less minimalism. You don’t have to look far to see this playing out on the runway. It’s no secret I’m a fan of Tory Burch. This season, she used bold patterns and mixed them up with striped sweaters and handbags. Christian Siriano left caution to the wind by incorporating oversized puffed sleeves and bows. And, what more obvious picture of pattern play do you need than the series of patchwork pieces that walked down the runway at Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary show.

Pattern plan, Tory Burch
No subtle details here, Christian Siriano
Patchwork galore, Ralph Lauren

Sometimes there are more explicit links between fashion and decor. It seems the most common collaboration is for well known wallpaper and textile designers to work with fashion houses, lending their patterns to blouses, skirts, shoes, etc. We already discussed the H&M / Anna Glover collaboration, but there are so many more on this list. And, it ranges from the everyday retail brand to the high end, aspirational goods. J. Crew recently introduced a limited collection of pieces designed with Abigail Borg. This is a much more literal translation of patterns to clothing.

Anna Glover Wallcovering (Source)
Anna Glover for H&M (Source)
Abigail Borg Wallcovering (Source)
Abigail Borg for J. Crew (Source)

Love this style? Several of these pieces are still available at H&M and J.Crew.

The cream of the crop collaboration has to be the renowned designer of hand-painted wallcoverings, de Gournay, and the Italian luxury footwear brand, Aquazzura. I’m going to give you a minute to catch your breath after these stunning images.

If you happen to be the right size (and ready to splurge!), there are a limited number of these shoes still available as sandals and sky high heels!.

On the flip side, fashion designers have been getting into home decor for years. Ralph Lauren has been designing home furnishings since 1983. Missoni got into the game of producing fabric for interiors back in 1981. But, the list continues to grow, Kate Space, Gucci, Paul Smith, and Fendi Casa are all going strong.

Anthropologie is no stranger to bringing in creative talent across the design spectrum to develop new and unique products. From Lulie Wallace in the textile design space to the fashion brand SUNO, the retailer creates items that are sometimes a bit quirky, but always refreshing.

I hope you enjoyed exploring one of my favorite topics with me this week. Here are some more fabulous fall finds to explore!