Back to School, Back to Reality

Back to school… Back to reality! Sadly another summer is coming to a close and it’s time for everyone to get back on schedule again -- back to making lunches, checking homework and after school soccer. The adjustment can be hard on everyone. This week we’re sharing our tips on things you can incorporate into your interior design that will hopefully help to keep everything on track! Here we go!

The mudroom is a favorite among most families we work with, especially in renovation projects. Everyone wants one and everyone wants it to be organized! In this mudroom, we used a combination of open baskets and cabinets for storage. The easily accessible baskets keep everything the family needs close at hand, while the closed cabinets allow you to keep seasonal items stored away, rotating them in and out throughout the year. I loved using chalkboard paint on the door in this mudroom. It’s a great place for noting important items on the schedule for the week, or posting a very big reminder!

We recently wrote about how to style bookshelves in this blog, and we acknowledge that this can be challenging! And, that’s why closed storage is so key for busy families. It can be a never ending chore trying to keep all of those school supplies neat. Closed storage allows you keep everything close at hand, but is a bit more forgiving when things may not always be so neat and tidy. You are not alone in this struggle!

Think you don’t have a great place for incorporating closed storage? Think again! We hid huge drawers under the bench seating in this kitchen. It was a great place for this family to store everything from art supplies and play doh, to tools and cookbooks!

Homework is coming. And, no matter the age of your child, it is key to provide a place for them to work. This might come in the form of a cozy place to read, or a desk in a quiet place.

And, finally, give yourself a place to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet! You made it through another summer vacation. Sigh…

Here are a few of my favorite finds this week. Perhaps it’s time to do some back to school shopping and pick up some new fall staples for yourself!