A Love Affair With Blue

Cobalt, navy, indigo, sky, royal, azure, and on and on. All of the shades of blue are near and dear to my heart and I have to admit, the love affair started at a young age. At the ripe age of six, when first given the opportunity to choose my own wallpaper, I choose a pale blue pattern with white clouds. In my six year old mind it was a no brainer! My grandmother who was a decorator insisted “That’s a boy wallpaper” but I thought she was being silly ‐ my mind was firmly made up! Since that time my love of blue has never wavered.

Blue is a color often associated with serenity, peace, a sense of calm. Who doesn’t breathe a sigh of relief looking out at a clear blue sky, or a calm blue sea? And, why wouldn’t you want your home to provide respite from the stress and travails of daily life?

Over the years, I have designed countless projects using various shades of blue. I still self identify as a “blue girl”. Here are some of my favorites.

But, blue is not just reserved for interiors in life. It is a wardrobe staple, and blue and white china is a classic addition to any table. Here are some of my personal favorites for the summer season. I am thinking of living in these navy blue Tory Burch espadrilles.